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In Time of Use (TOU) rate plan, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) leverage a form of Peak Shaving where the onsite system is discharged during peak hours when energy rates are at their highest, and (re)charged during off peak times when energy rates are at their lowest.  The chart below shows the difference in a building’s 24-hour energy usage without an ESS predicting peak events and releasing stored energy in anticipation of the events, versus their energy usage profile once their new Energport ESS was installed.

This customer’s peak energy charge occurred at 10 am and 2 pm during partial peak hours, but because they were subject to non-coincident charges, their electric bill reflected the highest rate charges. Our ESS remedied the situation, and allowed them to qualify for a TOU plan with rates that were reduced by 50%.  Contact us if this looks familiar.  Let’s work together to get your business on the path to savings and minimal energy bills.

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