AC Cube Series: Residential & Small Business Energy Storage Product

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Residential & Small Business Energy Storage

Plug and play installation makes it as simple as installing a microwave or toaster. Small form-factor and stackable modules were designed with scalability in mind, allowing residents to have flexible solutions based on their needs. Our AC Cube basic model will provide 2kWhs of energy, but when combined with other cubes, can provide up to 20kWhs of stored energy. This unit forms a micro-grid with the main breaker, which allows you to use off grid.  Besides the savings this system can provide in terms of reduced energy usage, it will provide back-up electricity during in case of a blackout or natural disaster. Our AC Cube makes energy security possible. When combined with Solar PV, an investment tax credit (ITC) of 30% of your total cost, including installation, can be taken on your Federal income tax returns. California residents will be able to apply for the 2017 Self Generating Incentive Program (SGIP) beginning May 1, 2017. Energport also offers low rate financing and lease-to-own options based on your power bill savings. Contact us for more information.


Datasheet – AC Cube Specification

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